Linda Loosle

Linda Loosle says, “Art is as holy as a person’s name”.  Growing up in California alongside inspired parents, Linda was gifted with her first easel and creative space as a child.  In a very real way, art became how Linda defined every human experience.  “We all are Artists”,  “Children are full of Art” & ” Art makes us one”; are a few of the perspectives expressed throughout her work.  Being considered blessed, Linda was allowed to explore and express her insight with others as an elementary teacher.  Her career took her to Abu Dhabi where, as a head teacher, she taught herself to read and write in Arabic.  After an abrupt accident, Linda has achieved many milestones and relearned to talk and manage life in a wheelchair.

“Jump the Moon has given me life…and a new family of people to love.  I can now focus on what I still can do.  My artwork has improved.  I would like to be here every day.”


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July 28, 2021

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