About Jump the Moon

how we began

As a high school art teacher, our founder Michael J. Bingham experienced the powerful impact and fulfillment the arts brought into the lives of his students, especially those with special needs. For many years, he dreamed of having a big innovative space and the time to explore a variety of new and different art making options that would ennoble everyone to higher levels of creativity, self-expression, and communication.

After 7 years of trying, Jump the Moon Foundation was finally established in 2017, officially becoming a nonprofit 501C3 organization, providing assistive art making devices, art mentorship, and creative opportunities for the community. From the beginning we have collaborated with other local non- profits like; “The Cache County School District Special needs program” “Common Ground” “Options for Independence” “Stride Services” “Cache Employment and Training” and more. We see ourselves as a valuable partner in helping others fulfill their mission to serve and improve the quality of life for those who live with mild to severe challenges.

While the majority of our efforts continue to be focused on people with “Disabilities”. (Note: We prefer a more positive term “Diverse Abilities”).
We also invite community members, families, clubs, and organizations to participate and volunteer. Come make new friends and overcome your own perceived “Art Disabilities” as you let your inner artist out to play.

Now Located in the “Institute for Disability Research Policy and Practice” at Utah State University. We are in the basement near the elevator.
(JTM is an independent nonprofit, Not a part of USU)

(Note: The sign on the building reads “Center for Persons with Disabilities” it is situated next to the Edith Bowen School and the Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence.)


Our Founder / Creative Director

Michael J. Bingham is a former artist at Hallmark Cards and graduate of California’s prestigious Art Center College of Design. He has nearly 40 years of experience as a professional artist, educator, designer, sculptor, and illustrator. Michael continues to make art and has created more than 2,000 pieces, many of which can be found on a variety of products and in the form of original paintings and sculptures displayed in public and private collections.

Michael believes in the power of art to inspire, enlighten, and enrich all lives. Many years of experience in teaching art in the classroom and community, especially assisting individuals with “Diverse Abilities” (Disabilities) has shown him that with some imagination and innovation, everyone’s unique abilities can be unlocked and utilized for self expression and personal fulfillment.

Michael’s love for learning and insatiable curiosity keep him continually exploring different techniques and media, constantly looking for new ideas he can pass along to his students. This drive also motivated him to recently complete a MFA degree in Art at USU.

Michael’s understanding of disabilities was tremendously enhanced in 2019 when he suffered a nearly life ending accident resulting in a broken neck, brain bleed, and multiple injuries when he fell from a tall ladder. He is grateful for the learning that came from the experience of being totally dependent on the care of others for a time. Now, he is extremely grateful to have recovered and regained the ability to serve others himself with greater compassion and insight.

As an educator, Michael has been named Utah’s Art Educator of the Year by two different organizations. He has received the Governor’s Golden Key “Ace Educator” Award and is the former UAEA (Utah Art Education Association) State representative for all High School Art Teachers in the state. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Sorenson Legacy Award. Michael enjoys public speaking and has given several keynote presentations.

(learn more about Michael and his views on education by watching his TEDxUSU talk)

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Michael has enjoyed 38 years of marriage to his best friend, Suzanne. They live in North Logan, Utah and are the proud parents of seven children. They also completely enjoy their ten beautiful grandchildren